The Wolf of Wall Street Film Blocking Techniques | Director’s Playbook

The Wolf of Wall Street Film Blocking Techniques | Director’s Playbook

How Scorsese Stages The Wolf of Wall Street ►►

In today’s video, we dive into Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street to better understand how blocking and staging can create a dynamic long take. A long take can be a great opportunity to get through exposition quickly and concisely, with staging and blocking motivating action and making things feel natural. Martin Scorsese was able to accomplish all of these things effortlessly in The Wolf of Wall Street.

In this scene, Scorsese directs with purposeful framing, camera movement and eye lines to keep the chaotic office environment clear and focused for the audience. Moving through many rooms, around characters, and through a chaotic stock floor could easily confuse the viewer.

To keep the story in focus, Scorsese uses a few techniques to his advantage. First, he uses eye lines to help guide the viewer’s eye, helping to motivate the camera’s pan over to the conference room. He also uses a series of “hand-offs” to help keep the viewer focused on what is in front of them, while still being able to effortlessly glide between them.

These simple techniques can apply to any long take. By directing the viewer’s attention with eye lines, the audience has a chance to maintain visual geography of the action. And with character hand-offs, we also keep the characters and their relationship at the forefront. Prioritizing character can help keep a long take from coming off as gratuitous when we understand WHY we are watching it.

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