Those Of The Water – Brendan Barnes – 2011 Kodak Film School Cinematography Competition Winner

Those Of The Water – Brendan Barnes – 2011 Kodak Film School Cinematography Competition Winner

2011 Kodak Film School Cinematography Competition
Worldwide 35mm Competition Winner

Brendan Barnes

AFDA (South African School of Motion Picture Medium)

Those of the Water, shot by Barnes, explores an ancient Xhosa belief of Abantu (The People of the Water) that come into question after a young boy washes up from the ocean.

About Film Making
As film makers, we are given the opportunity to create worlds and tell stories that are only limited by our imaginations. Every time I get behind a lens, I feel like I’m about to be shown a little secret. It’s the sum of all those little secrets that add up to a beautiful film.

Style and Lighting
The cinematic style conceptualized for this film served to create a beautiful, fantastical world against which the story could unfold. The dramatic, natural spectacle of the locations offered the opportunity to use stunning panoramic shots. The camera moves gently and fluidly throughout the film to compliment the calm atmosphere of the environment. Vivid, vibrant colours were used to further the fantastical quality of the film while the lighting design set out to create and enhanced reality by shaping the natural lighting conditions to allow for flattering portraiture.

Production Crew
• Writer, Director — Zwelisizwe Ntuli
• Producer — Benita Khoosal
• Cinematographer — Brendan Barnes
• Production Designer — Mosibudi Peeha
• Editor — Karien Goosen
• Visual Effects — Grant Davies

KODAK Student Scholarship Program

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