Tree Rigging Techniques – Baum Rigging – Nedfiring fra træ

Tree Rigging Techniques – Baum Rigging – Nedfiring fra træ


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This movie explains the most common rigging methods. For the experienced climbers, it’s just a little extra entertainment and for others, a learning tool before taking a qualified rigging course. Last but not least, it’s also helpful in places where no courses are available and where everything is learning by doing.

Tree rigging is very simple. There are only 2 important things to remember:

1. Get qualified training before performing any tree rigging …otherwise it can be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!

2. All the dangerous situations happens when pieces gets too big!

The following situations and tree rigging methods are explained:

00:36 Tree rigging without redirect

00:51 Tree rigging with redirect

01:05 Tree rigging with weak rigging point

01:23 Tree rigging with rigging point backup

01:47 Tree rigging point backup and redirect

02:06 Fishing pole technique
(Rigging with no strong anchor point above)

02:44 Butt tie or tip tie?

03:47 Butt tie
(Short low-hanging branch)

03:59 Tip tie
(Long low.hanging branch)

04:45 Balancing
(Long low-hanging branch or branch close to object)

05:33 Balancing with tagline
(Long low-hanging branch or branch close to tall object)

06:06 Zipline / Slideline
(Move branches away from the tree, over an obstacle or to a desired drop zone)

07:37 Speedline
(Control and move branches away from the tree,
over an obstacle or to a desired drop zone)

08:14 Speedline balance

08:54 Tip tie and lift
(Lift and lower branch close to or over an obstacle)

09:43 Blocking
(Lowering sections of trunk close to an object)

Special thanks to Kim Dahl at for perfect sound and music editing.


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