TUTORIAL: DIY Reflectors

TUTORIAL: DIY Reflectors

For around $15 you can make yourself a set of professional reflectors. It’s seriously as easy as grabbing an insulation panel, a box cutter, and some gaffers tape (but obviously I recommend you watch the whole tutorial!). These inexpensive and ridiculously versatile and practical reflectors are one of my favorite pieces of gear, and at least one goes with me on every single shoot. I’ve seen these things used on small indie films, commercials of all kinds, and even big budget productions – they’re cheap, they’re easy to make and use, and they’re a truly effective way to bounce light and I honestly think everyone should have a few in their toolkit.

I first saw these reflectors on a film set several years ago, and after inquiring about them realized how easy they would be to make myself – so the next day I went out and made myself a set. I’ve bought tons of these insulation panels since then and made them into reflectors of all sorts of shapes and sizes (I even cut one down to use inside a locker for a project that we filmed at a school and needed some bounce/fill from the direction of the locker). With a thumbtack and some string you could ever make circular ones if you wanted. Seriously, do yourself a favor and make some of these, you won’t regret it.

And in case you didn’t notice, during filming my wonderful furry kiddos were very involved and interested in being on-camera – see how many times you can spot them in the background!

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