Underground Artist New Legends Vibe after there Set in Los Angeles (Documentary)

Underground Artist New Legends Vibe after there Set in Los Angeles (Documentary)

Why watch the same boring Spiderman, Star Wars, Kingsman the Golden Circle, Behind the Scenes or watching CNBC, CNN, Fox News, when you can root for the Underground, the Hip Hop Underdogs: New Legends!

A business Insider view and the complete list of ideas from where a company started! Brainstorming and techniques with little to no finance, to building a marketing plan, booking Hip-hop show and more!

Los Angeles Tee Shirt Design

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We are taking the culture back to the neighborhoods. When DJs’ plugged into the streets and the B-boys moved their feet.

Local artists pooled together in the City of Colton in a local venue called “Phat Magazine.”

This music venue that is taking it back to building an audience every week.

The platform is built for the underground Hip Hopper that loves the elements of the culture.

Were the DJs’ displays their skills and the B-Boys and the B-girls can dance to the beat of the music!

The steps before mainstream stardom and the grind before fame is achieve.

Angel Sandoval
Urg 7
Havik the Gauwd

Products used Nikon 7100

The Kay-A-Tick name is a spin off of the word (Chaotic).

The meaning for the company was derived base on the concept to reflect a state of confusion and disorder (chaos, chaotic).

The Kay-A-Tick concept was design with a twist in the spelling that express this meaning.

Where we expect the brand to move is with the participation from many followers, artists and visionaries to assist with the creation of our look and styles.

We want to use social networking to launch the Kay-A-Tick movement showcasing your pictures, posting your comments by showing some Kay-A-Tick love!

Coming in the future will be the clothing line, hats, sweatshirts, shoes, jeans and jackets.

Our vision is to utilize different artist, different concepts, and to provide quality art on tees. Come join the Kay-A-Tick movement by posting your pictures, comment and visions support for Kay-A-Tick line on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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Hip Hop is not just music, its art that develope the underground into a culture for the people.

We like to embrace the elements of hip hop by highlighting the areas of Graffiti Art, B-boys, B-girls, Turntablism and fashion while spreading knowledge to the community.

We live to create, archive and preserve all things of Hip Hop with a special love for the underground roots.

We feature the growth of our business ciphers, music videos, films, film making, behind the scenes footage, studio sessions, and documentaries!

This is a channel for anyone with the passion and respect for the culture that raised us!



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